200 years of Argentina’s independence

Argentinians take their celebrations seriously and so they have worked for quite some time on the preparations for the 200th anniversary of their independence. It was a special joy to be in Buenos Aires exactly on this day, 9th of July, as there were many things happening all around the city.

200 anos argentina independence

9th of July 1816 was the most important date in their history, so this date – 9 de julio in Spanish, has also given the name to songs, tangos, books, and also the 9 de julio avenue which is said to be the widest avenue in the world with its almost 20 lanes.

The celebrations have been going on for days and weeks, the most important were concentrated on three days – 8th, 9th and 10th of July. Of course, it is not possible to have only one festive day for such an anniversary, at least three days are needed! The whole city of Buenos Aires was full of all kinds of activities: shows, concerts, exhibitions, performances, folklore and of course gauchos.

200 anos argentina independence

The Avenida de Mayo close to Casa Rosada held a special event, a historical reconstruction of that important day. It was lots of fun for all the visitors, as there were soldiers in old uniforms, actually performing the historical battle which ended by the signing of the Declaration of the Independence on 9th of July 1816. The performance also included old rifles and cannons in action which was really awesome.

There was a very special parade, with 29 military music bands from 12 different countries marching along Avenida del Libertador and at the end gathering together at the huge Polo playground, with the current president giving his celebration speech.

200 anos argentina independence

There were also activities in all of the parks of Buenos Aires for the whole weekend, with folklore music shows, traditional food, and entertainment for the families.

200 anos argentina independence

And it was a great way to spend a sunny weekend, just wandering around different parts of the city, enjoying traditional Argentinian food, listening to excellent folklore musicians and looking at gauchos in action.

If you have not been there, you can have a taste of it, by having a look at these pictures. Enjoy!

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