I have been a passionate DJ and a tango dancer for over a decade. Everything started back in 2005, and in 2006 I was already in Buenos Aires for the first time. I was completely enchanted, even bewitched and from that time everything in my life turns around tango. And for that reason I keep returning to Buenos Aires as often as possible.


DJ-ing happened as a result of numerous nights at milongas all over the world listening to tango music.
And after I have plunged into music, I just could not stop.

Tango is my life, my passion, my true love.

And luckily I am not alone, I share this passion with my husband who is just as crazy about tango as I am, so all our holidays since 2006 have mostly become tango-holidays. And we always associate business trips with finding a milonga in that city.

DJ-ing is just a way to translate music, playing in my head, into real life.

My Tango Argentino Music Collection

I have a collection of some hundreds of original CDs, which I have mostly bought during my numerous trips to Buenos Aires. Most of them are tangos, along tango there are valses and milongas.

Zivals store in Buenos Aires at the corner of Callao/Corrientes is a tango DJ’s heaven and has practically everything you can possibly imagine… I have spent hours browsing through their immense tango argentino music collection and listening to the music.

Besides that, there’s iTunes, TangoTunes and a lot more.

My complete music collection

The majority comes from original CDs (thank you, Zivals!) which are ripped to my laptop in a lossless ALAC format (.m4a), which makes the sound of music the best possible.

The minority of my music (which I couldn’t find on CDs) is bought online, in various e-stores. And the process of searching for new interesting titles is, of course, a never-ending story.

And to make the sound even better, the external sound card AudioQuest DragonFly Red really helps a lot.



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