Belgrade Tango Encuentro 2017

Being a tango DJ and a passionate tango lover, you can hardly avoid going to tango festivals which are close enough. Belgrade is actually the place of the first tango festival we attended, and we are in love with this festival from its beginnings.

With the years passing by, the festival is growing and if it was easy to just come to the milongas and get inside, this is no more possible. All the festival milongas and classes are fully booked well in advance and if you are too late – better luck next year! There are some people selling or changing their tickets in the last days, but I would definitely not drive 500 km to Belgrade to count on this…


With the most recent restrictions regarding crossing the EU borders, our actual time to get to Belgrade by car has extended up to round 7 hours; so – better be good, the festival!

And it was good. In fact, it was not good, it was excellent, just like every year. With so many participants, not only the gran milongas during the night, but also all the daily milongas are packed, and participants come from around the globe. Belgrade’s  Mixer House, one of the biggest places where dancing is possible, lives for tango from Wednesday until Monday – almost one week. And the organizers do just about everything to make the whole experience the best possible; they even assemble a new dancefloor on the top of the usual one every year…

Throughout the years, many excellent tango teachers have been giving lessons; many excellent tango orchestras have been playing on the festival stage, and many excellent tango DJs have been playing their music for hundreds of the passionate dancers. It is just impossible to name all of them…  And if you just desperately need a new pair of tango shoes or a new tango dress – no problem, the choice is yours, you can buy anything you wish.


Each and every year, when we enter through the small door of the big Mixer House, we get enchanted by the soul of the festival and by this place; and each and every year we know from the first minute that we made the right choice to come here.

Do our feet hurt after the festival? Yes! Are we tired and sleepy? Yes! Do we drive 6-7 hours or 500 km one way? Yes!

Is it worth it? YES!!! YES!!!

Come and see it yourself next year. We most certainly will!

Tango DJ Alenka
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