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La Milonguita 7 years

La Milonguita Ljubljana – 7th Birthday

I’m thrilled to share that yesterday, we celebrated the 7th anniversary of my monthly milonga La Milonguita Ljubljana! It was an extraordinary evening overflowing with ...
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Maria-de-Buenos-Aires-ljubljana 2024

Maria de Buenos Aires in Ljubljana 2024

Ljubljana recently hosted a fantastic tango show called “Maria de Buenos Aires,” which was incredible! The Opera Ballet Ljubljana put on this amazing performance, blending ...
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Corazon de Ljubljana 2024

Corazon de Ljubljana, May 2024

I am happy to announce an excellent event which will happen in the beautiful dance studio Moj korak in Ljubljana this May. Two amazing tango ...
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»Mi Buenos Aires querido« by Ricardo Chorny

During my last stay in Buenos Aires, when I was DJ-ing at Milonga Parakultural, I met a sweet older tanguero, a real gentleman. He politely ...
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Najboljše milonge v Buenos Airesu v novembru 2023

V Buenos Aires se z možem vračava vsako leto in tudi v letu 2023 sva tam preživela pet tednov, kar je za dva ljubitelja tanga ...
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Tango DJ Alenka - Milongas in Buenos Aires 2023

Best Milongas in Buenos Aires, November 2023

Our five-week stay in Buenos Aires during November 2023 proved to be a tango enthusiast’s paradise. Like a cherished tradition, my husband and I immersed ...
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Milonga Parakultural 4

A Night to Remember: DJ-ing at Milonga Parakultural in Buenos Aires, 2023

In the heart of Buenos Aires, the city known for its lively tango scene, I had the pleasure of DJ-ing at the famous Milonga Parakultural ...
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Horacio Godoy at milonga La Milonguita Ljubljana 2023

Horacio Godoy in Ljubljana 2023

After their initial visit to Slovenia in 2022, Horacio Godoy and Maricel Giacomini returned to Ljubljana in 2023. This year, the Milonga La Milonguita Ljubljana ...
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Rotary tango evening 3.3.2023

Rotary Tango Evening, 3.3.2023

I was honoured to DJ at the special charity event »Rotary Tango Evening« on March 3, 2023, in Festivalna dvorana Ljubljana. The event’s purpose was ...
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Salon Canning

Salon Canning in Buenos Aires closed for tango events in 2022!

Salon Canning in the Palermo neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina, was basically a tango institution – a house of tango, a place with milongas happening ...
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Leo Gasso – special guest @ milonga La Milonguita Ljubljana in January 2023

The January 2023 milonga La Milonguita Ljubljana was a special event: I was very happy to host the great bandoneon player Leo Gasso from Uruguay. ...
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Horacio Godoy in Ljubljana 2022

In October 2022, one of the biggest names in tango Horacio Godoy came to Ljubljana to give classes mostly about musicality. His current dancing partner ...
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