200 years of Argentina’s independence

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Argentinians take their celebrations seriously and so they have worked for quite some time on the preparations for the 200th anniversary of their independence. It was a special joy to be in Buenos Aires exactly on this day, 9th of July, as there were many things happening all around the city. 9th of July 1816 was the most important date …

Buenos Aires - La Boca 2016

Caminito, La Boca, Buenos Aires

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If you are in Buenos Aires for the first time, La Boca is a place where you definitely need to go. The images of La Boca’s colorful houses are something you can see in just every tourist guide on earth. So it’s no surprise that La Boca is normally full of foreign tourists wandering around, taking pictures in front of …

Evita at Recoleta

Evita and the Cemetery of Recoleta

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What could be the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Buenos Aires? On a sunny day there are two great possibilities: San Telmo with Plaza Dorrego for tango lovers and Feria de Mataderos for folklore lovers. But what if the day is grey, cold and rainy? The Cemetery of Recoleta is the perfect choice, and it doesn’t matter …

La Viruta Buenos Aires

La Viruta Tango, Buenos Aires

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La Viruta Tango has been around for 15 years. It is in the fancy neighborhood of Palermo, within a walking distance to Salon Canning which allows people to walk from one milonga to another in the early morning hours. In March 2016 La Viruta has split into two parts which actually means that on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday there …

Before Buenos Aires: a taste of 2016 Brasil Olympics

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OK, I know that a Buenos Aires tango blog is supposed to be about Buenos Aires and that it is supposed to start in Buenos Aires, with tango. But, things never happen exactly as they are supposed to happen, and that’s why the Buenos Aires blog actually starts in Brasil. If you buy plane tickets with Air France in combination …