El Cachivache Quinteto

El Cachivache Quinteto is coming to Ljubljana!

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After the excellent first La Milonguita Ljubljana – Special Edition with Orquesta Tipica La Juan D’Arienzo, we are continuing the series with another big player from the Buenos Aires tango scene: time for some tango punk with El Cachivache Quinteto. The famous tango band from Buenos Aires – El Cachivache Quinteto are preparing their 10-years anniversary tour of Europe, and this time, they also put Slovenia …

Tango DJ Alenka DJ-ing at Milonga Parakultural in Salon Canning 2017

Tango DJ-ing in Buenos Aires, Argentina 2017

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Being a passionate tango DJ, I never miss a chance to play music anywhere, especially in Buenos Aires. During our 2017 stay in Buenos Aires, I had the possibility to be a DJ at three different milongas, again. Milonga Parakultural, Salon Canning My first DJ-ing night was at Milonga Parakultural at Salon Canning. Salon Canning is placed in the barrio …

Tango DJ Alenka with La Juan D'Arienzo in Ljubljana 2017

La Juan D’Arienzo in Slovenia 2017: behind the scenes

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I am a tango Argentino fan, so it is quite normal that for me, hosting the musicians from the famous orchestra La Juan D’Arienzo from Buenos Aires, Argentina in Slovenia – Ljubljana was a dream job.   The Juan D’Arienzo play the traditional tango in the style of the famous orchestra from the golden age of tango – Juan D’Arienzo. …

La Juan D’Arienzo at La Milonguita Ljubljana!

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The biggest event in the short history of my milonga La Milonguita is approaching fast: La Juan D’Arienzo will be playing live music! Date: Tuesday, October 10th, 2017 Time: 20.00 – 01.00 Place: Festivalna dvorana Ljubljana, Vilharjeva 11 DJ: Alenka Dermol Entrance fee: 15 EUR in advance (tickets available here) 18 EUR at the milonga entrance The first special edition …

Kuala Lumpur - Milonga Pipiolo

Tango Argentino in Asia

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I have two great passions in my life. The first one is Tango Argentino and the second one is traveling. So, it is kind of logical to start combining these two passions, as much as possible. And the best way to do it is traveling to Asia, with its kind people, warm weather, and excellent food. This year: Thailand, Malaysia, …

King milonga Bled

King milonga Bled, 16.6.2017

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Bled is one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia, that is for sure. The lake with its little island in the middle is so picturesque that all the visitors are stunned by its beauty. And high above, there is a gorgeous old castle, overlooking the town and the lake. This magnificent castle was the location of a very special …

Belgrade tango encuentro

Belgrade Tango Encuentro 2017

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Being a tango DJ and a passionate tango lover, you can hardly avoid going to tango festivals which are close enough. Belgrade is actually the place of the first tango festival we attended, and we are in love with this festival from its beginnings. With the years passing by, the festival is growing and if it was easy to just …

The first La Milonguita

La Milonguita has started!

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Our new milonga La Milonguita officially started last Saturday! Lots of people around, great atmosphere, good vibes – anything you could wish for. We will not be the biggest milonga around (the place itself wouldn’t allow it), but want to be the nicest, coziest and friendliest milonga in Ljubljana. As promised, La Milonguita will open its doors one Saturday per …

La Milonguita naslovnica

La Milonguita is coming!

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I have been on the tango scene for a lot more than a decade, visiting and dancing at the best milongas in the world, playing music at some of them, in almost every continent of the world (well – Australia is still on my to-do list…). After years and years of my tango life I came to a point where having my …