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A Night to Remember: DJ-ing at Milonga Parakultural in Buenos Aires, 2023

In the heart of Buenos Aires, the city known for its lively tango scene, I had the pleasure of DJ-ing at the famous Milonga Parakultural once again. I was invited by Omar Viola, the person who organizes the dance event. This year’s gathering was a special celebration of music, dance, and the timeless spirit of tango.

With Omar Viola, the famous organizer of Milonga Parakultural

As the night went on, the atmosphere at Milonga Parakultural was full of excitement. The dance floor was bustling with tango fans moving to the rhythm, creating a beautiful picture reflecting this iconic dance’s essence.

Horacio Gabin, resident DJ at Milonga Parakultural, me & my husband – friends of many years

The highlight of the evening was the amazing performances by two dance couples – Natasha Arapé and Juan Selimán, and Gimena Herrera y Tomás Galvan. They danced with skill and grace, captivating the audience and turning the dance floor into a stage of elegance and passion.

One of the couples dancing with live music by Cuarteto Entre Mundos

Adding to the magic was the live music played by the talented Cuarteto Entre Mundos, a surprise that delighted many attendees. Their melodies brought the true spirit of tango to life.

Cuarteto Entre Mundos

One interesting challenge of DJing at a milonga with live performances is when the performers ask for specific music for their show just 10 minutes before going on stage. It’s not always easy, but, of course, I played exactly what they wanted, and they were very happy.

The night became even more special when a gentleman sitting close to me shared with me that he was celebrating his 85th birthday that night. Overwhelmed by the moment, he asked for a photo of the two of us together, expressing how much he enjoyed the music.

This gentleman celebrated his 85th birthday on that very evening!

After the milonga ended, many dancers approached me to express their gratitude for the musical journey throughout the night. These moments really bring joy to my heart!

Oh, and by the way, that night also happened to be Osvaldo Pugliese’s birthday. He’s a legendary figure in the tango world, and it felt right to honour his legacy on this special occasion.

DJ-ing at Milonga Parakultural in Buenos Aires in 2023 was more than just playing music; it celebrated life, dance, and the timeless charm of tango. As the night unfolded with surprises, laughter, and the enchanting tunes of tango, it became clear that the magic of this dance goes beyond borders and generations, creating memories that stay with us long after the music ends.

DJ booth at Milonga Parakultural Buenos Aires
Tango DJ Alenka
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