El Cachivache Quinteto in Ljubljana 2018

Have you ever heard of a combination of words “tango” and “punk”? Well, it may sound a bit funny, but if you have ever seen El Cachivache Quinteto in action, that’s exactly what tango punk is…

The Cachivache Quinteto is currently one of the most popular tango groups and is widely recognized on the world music circuit. It is characterized by its undeniably creative, original, and very “danceable ” style.


The quinteto was founded in 2008 by two Argentinian musicians living in Spain, Vito Venturino (guitar) and Pablo Montanelli (Piano). After moving back to Buenos Aires, they started to compose original pieces, and also arranged classic tangos.

They are very popular in the Buenos Aires tango dance community. They organize their own milonga once a week La Cachivacheria Milonga Batifondo where the band plays and DJs at the same time. They are also much appreciated for their musicality seminars.

I have seen them and listened to their music many times in Buenos Aires. The most recent performance was last year, in November 2017 in the famous Salon Canning, at Milonga Parakultural. For me, it is really interesting to see how their musical style is slightly changing through the years: after all, Milonga Parakultural is a very traditional Buenos Aires milonga and they fit into this traditional style just perfectly. The dancers loved them and it was an excellent night, full of energy and good vibrations!


For now, I don’t know them personally. I’ve just heard many nice things about all the musicians from my good tango friend from Bangkok Lynn; she was hosting them last year during the Bangkok tango festival and told me that they are amazingly warm, friendly and nice people.

In a week or two, I will have an opportunity to host them in Ljubljana for three whole days. For a tango-addict like I am, this makes me really happy. A lot of time to talk to them and show them the best Slovenia has to offer. I do hope they will like our country a lot!

They are coming to Ljubljana to the special edition of milonga La Milonguita during their 10-anniversary European tour. The tour is taking them through many European countries, and I am really happy that Slovenia is also on their list.


During their stay in Ljubljana, we are organizing a big milonga with their live music: Vito, Pablo, Nico, Adriano & Pacha will make you dance the whole night, that’s for sure. For the time they are not on the stage, we are preparing a special tango DJ duo, for the first time on any of my milongas. The best music for dancing will be played by a special Tango DJ duo Vito Venturino (ARG) & Alenka Dermol (SLO).

So, if you are still considering whether to go or not: DO go! It will be an excellent night, full of a special tango energy that only a band like El Cachivache can produce. And if you don’t come, I can guarantee you that you will regret it for sure!

Have a look and taste some of their music and their excellent performances here:

And if you still do not have the tickets, you can buy them online here.

Tango DJ Alenka
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