Going to Buenos Aires again!

Yes! My 7th Buenos Aires trip is approaching FAST!

As I fit completely into the definiton of a “Tango Junkie”, this is the best possible holiday I can have. Stay with me and read the next posts for detailed definition of a tango junkie, if you are not familiar with it…

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Just imagine this average kind of a day: getting up quite late (after coming home in the early morning hours from a milonga and sleeping most of the morning). Maybe having an Argentinian type of breakfast with cafe con leche y medialunas (or maybe skipping it and starting directly with lunch – depends on the hour). After that, already time for lunch, which is of course one of the best steaks in the world.

Some tango lessons in the afternoon, maybe some tango shopping (one can never have too many tango shoes and too much tango music…), a bit of Buenos Aires and it’s almost evening. Milonga time! Spending the night dancing in one of the best milongas in the world, and coming home sometime in the early morning hours.

The most demanding decisions of every day are two: Where to go for lunch today? and Which milonga would be the best tonight?

Does your heart already beat faster?  Then you cannot help yourself: you’re a tango junkie and addicted to tango, just like I am. If you find this kind of life boring, you are definitely not a tango junkie, you are a normal person.

Tango has addicted me many years ago, the first time I came to Buenos Aires. And it goes on and on and it never stops.

Tango is my love, my passion, my life.

Alenka in Valerij Dermol
Tango DJ Alenka
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