La Milonguita is coming!

I have been on the tango scene for a lot more than a decade, visiting and dancing at the best milongas in the world, playing music at some of them, in almost every continent of the world (well – Australia is still on my to-do list…).

After years and years of my tango life I came to a point where having my own milonga was something logical.

And now it is also something real. Thanks to my good friends and excellent tango dancers Blaž & Andreja from BA Tango who are kind enough to offer their beautiful Studio BA Tango for the new milonga.

Milonga La Milonguita Ljubljana

La Milonguita will open its doors the first Saturday in February and we all want it to be a nice, cozy, friendly and sweet milonga. Not the biggest, but the coziest. And the nicest. Hence the name – La Milonguita (I love the sound of the words, and La Milonguita in Spanish is nothing else but a small milonga).

The music selection will basically be the music I love the most – the Buenos Aires style: the golden age. A small addition to the Buenos Aire style: some of the “Guardia Vieja” (yes, I love Tipica Victor) and with maybe a couple of tandas being an excursion in the lesser-known music or later music. But only the danceable pieces.

Pugliese for Pugliese-lovers, Di Sarli for Di Sarli-lovers (obviously I am in both groups), D’Arienzo, Troilo… and a lot more.

You are more than welcome to be a part of this milonga which will be a regular one, usually the first Saturday of each month (check the dates HERE). Except for months when I will (hopefully) be in Buenos Aires… But wait, this is already another story…

See you on February 4th! We start at 8 pm and close at 11 pm. Welcome!

The address: Studio BA Tango, Mesarska 4, Ljubljana (map here).

Tango DJ Alenka
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