la juan d'arienzo & la milonguita ljubljana 2017

The famous tango orchestra La Juan D’Arienzo from Buenos Aires Argentina came to Slovenia for the first time on October 10th, 2017 and played for us at the special edition of our milonga La Milonguita Ljubljana – special edition. What an honour!


La Juan D’Arienzo is one of the very best tango orchestras from Argentina: 10 talented young musicians, playing tango in the style of the legendary Juan D’Arienzo. Their director and artistic leader is the bandoneonist Facundo Lazzari, whose grandfather was Maestro Carlos Lazzari, the bandoneonist in the original Juan D’Arienzo orchestra.

The evening was full of energy, just like the Orquesta Tipica La Juan D’Arienzo can produce. Just imagine how much energy can come from 10 musicians: 4 bandoneons, 4 violins, a piano and a contrabass, playing at the same time. I can tell you: A LOT!!!

And they have already decided to put Slovenia on their map: next year when touring Europe, they will come to us again.



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Tango DJ Alenka
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