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Maria de Buenos Aires in Ljubljana 2024

Ljubljana recently hosted a fantastic tango show called “Maria de Buenos Aires,” which was incredible! The Opera Ballet Ljubljana put on this amazing performance, blending dance, music, and storytelling to bring the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires to life.

The story revolves around Maria, a captivating character from Buenos Aires, and her journey through love and life in the bustling city. The dancers moved gracefully to the rhythm of tango music composed by Astor Piazzolla, while the lyrics were penned by Horacio Ferrer, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere that kept everyone hooked.

We also cannot forget Marko Hatlak who was the chamber orchestra leader, along with playing the main instrument – the accordion.

The performers did an outstanding job, bringing Maria’s story to life with passion and emotion. It was a night filled with excitement and beauty, leaving a lasting impression on everyone lucky enough to be there.

I was happy that I managed to get the tickets for one of the first performances. And i you missed this magical performance, don’t worry. You can still watch the famous “Maria de Buenos Aires” in the following days. And you will certainly not regret it!

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