Rok Fink

Rok Fink, tango singer from Buenos Aires

Rok Fink Piran

Probably everybody who dances tango in Slovenia and has already been to Buenos Aires knows Rok Fink. He was born in Argentina, lives in Buenos Aires, but is a Slovene by heart. I met him first time many years ago, when I was in Buenos Aires for the first time. And was impressed by his apartment right in the heart of Buenos Aires, close to the national parliament – Congreso: his apartment was just like a small piece of Slovenia in Buenos Aires. Countless books in Slovene languages, countless music pieces from Slovenia, movies in Slovene,… he is probably more of a Slovene than most of us who actually live in Slovenia. So, if you are feeling home-sick in Argentina, Rok’s apartment is the place to go.

Rok Fink Piran

He lives in Buenos Aires his whole life, so he can also show you all the interesting things the city has to offer. You can spend numerous hours just strolling around the city with him, listening to interesting stories about history, buildings, architects, music and life in Argentina.

But along with all of this, he is an excellent singer: actually many of his relatives are singers – mostly opera singers (Bernarda Fink, Marko Fink). His music collection is priceless, you can find almost anything in his music library: hundreds of operas, hundreds of classical music, and also lots and lots of tango. And tango is what he loves to sing.

Rok Fink Piran

These days he has been visiting Slovenia and we were very happy to be able to have him as a guest at our Milonga Piran-Pirano , 10.3.2017. The milonga was organized in the beautiful Caffe Teater in Piran, right on the Slovenian beach. The whole evening was very emotional as there were many of his friends, who have come to Piran especially to listen to his singing.

The second part of the evening as a very nice milonga with tangueros from Slovenia, Italy and even Germany, dancing to the music of Tango Dj Alenka. We’ve had such a great time that this will definitely not be the one and only Milonga Piran-Pirano. And when the days become longer and warmer, the opportunity to dance tango on the terrace of a beautiful caffe directly by the sea is just too tempting.

Piran, we are coming again!

Tango DJ Alenka
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