Tango DJ-ing in Salon Canning, Buenos Aires

Salon Canning Buenos Aires

I have to admit this: first, if there is a city in the world where I (being a European DJ), would really like to play music, it is Buenos Aires. Second, if there is a special place to do it, it is Salon Canning. Third, if there is a special milonga, it is Milonga Parakultural. Obviously, my wish was so strong that it really came through and it happened – all of these together: Buenos Aires, Salon Canning and Milonga Parakultural. The best of the best.

Salon Canning Buenos Aires

Playing music in Salon Canning is definitely a unique experience. I myself, together with hundreds of tangueros, have a deep respect for this place, so when I got the invitation to play there, it really meant everything to me.

It was a Tuesday, so there was a lot going on in Milonga Parakultural. Besides my music, there was also a live orchestra playing – Los Herederos del Compas (a very good one), and as always, there was an exhibition of some famous couples, this time Javier Rodriguez & Moira Castellano and Lorena Cataneo & Gaston Camejo. And this was also the final day of the Sed de Campeones, a special program for dancers preparing to go to Mundial del tango, so there was a special show of all the 5 couples of teachers.

The milonga was totally crowded, it was one of the busiest days of the month. People were enjoying my music a lot, the dance floor was completely full all the time and many of them came to me asking where I am from and how did I end up in tango DJ-ing. And speaking Spanish with a strong porteno accent with them helps a lot because they immediately consider having you as one of them and not one of the “extranjeros”…

Salon Canning Buenos Aires

But my favourite moment of the night was the special tango “Cuando el amor muere” by Carlos Di Sarli, when Tito Rocca, an elderly gentleman tanguero, one of the old school tango singers from Buenos Aires whom I admire a lot, came to me, took my microphone and started singing along this music. I have listened to him singing this Di Sarli many nights before at many different milongas, but this time it was very special because it was my music and my Di Sarli tanda. And I will definitely never forget this moment and this evening.

Huge thanks to all the nice people at Milonga Parakultural! You are the best!

And if you want to see a bit of the evening, there is a short video with the highlights of the milonga. I do hope you will enjoy it as much as I did…

Tango DJ Alenka
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